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About NPMHU / Executive Board

John F. Hegarty

National President

John Hegarty has been an active Union member since being hired by the U.S. Postal Service in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1984. He has been the Union’s National President since July 1, 2002. He was re-elected to that position by acclamation of the delegates to the Union's National Conventions in 2004, 2008, and 2012. In this capacity, John is the chief spokesperson for the NPMHU in national bargaining with the USPS.

For the ten years prior to becoming National President, John served as President of Local 301 in New England – one of the largest Local Unions affiliated with the NPMHU, covering six states. In addition, beginning in 1996, he also served on the NPMHU National Executive Board as the Northeast Regional Vice President. Prior to becoming Local President, John served as Administrative Vice President for the GMF (General Mail Facility)/BMC (Bulk Mail Center) in Springfield, Massachusetts. Brother Hegarty also serves as a Vice President on the General Executive Board of the NPMHU's parent union, the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA).

John brings a wealth of talent and experience to the position of National President. Prior to becoming National President, and while serving in his previous elected positions, he performed a litany of duties for the NPMHU. At the National level, he has been a member of the Field Negotiating Committee for the last four rounds of contract bargaining, has worked as the Northeast Regional Coordinator under the Dispute Resolution Procedures for Regional Instruction RI-399, and has served as one of the National Union's key trainers for contract administration matters. In this latter capacity, John helped to train hundreds of Local Union officers and representatives on a host of crucial topics, including limitations on the hiring and use of casual employees, occupational safety and health, family and medical leave, and arbitration advocacy. All the while, he was one of the lead arbitration advocates for Mail Handlers working in New England, where he has presented scores of cases since becoming an advocate in the late 1980s. John has attended every National Convention since he was hired as a Mail Handler, and served as Chairman of the Rules Committee at both the 1996 and 2000 National Conventions.


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