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Nov 7

NPMHU National President Paul Hogrogian Statement on President-Elect Joseph R. Biden

The year 2020 has been unprecedented, and was capped with an unparalleled election. Our country is still in the midst of a global pandemic; our national economy is suffering; and many Americans are uncertain of the future. Yet, NPMHU members and our postal brothers and sisters went above and beyond to ensure the sanctity of the democratic process by ensuring mail in ballots got out to voters and back to election officials on time. I commend your work and dedication.

Voter turnout this year was astounding. The country saw overwhelming participation in vote by mail initiatives, early voting programs, and election day polling. As a result, the American public showed support for Joe Biden, electing him to be our 46th President, together with Kamala Harris to be the first woman Vice President. 

We spent the past four years under the Trump Administration protecting our members and our jobs against threats of privatization, attacks on our collective bargaining rights, and our hard-earned benefits. We fought to preserve an institution that is enshrined in our Constitution.  Now we have a pro-postal and pro-labor friend in the White House. During his candidacy, President-elect Biden made several promises to the postal community: pushing to repeal the prefunding mandate that lead to USPS’ financial instability; protecting service standards so Americans in urban, suburban, and rural areas receive first-class mail and parcels in a timely manner; and maintaining collective bargaining so that the NPMHU can continue to fight for our earned pay and benefits. We’ll need to work hard to make sure these promises are kept. 

Beyond protecting the basic principles of the Postal Service, we will also continue to work on comprehensive postal reform within Congress. While we now have support from the White House, the NPMHU will still strive for a bipartisan reform package that will provide a secure and strong future for the Postal Service. I’m glad to say many of our postal friends and champions are returning to the House and Senate, putting us in a better place to push postal legislation forward. 

I’d like to thank all NPMHU members who stepped up with their time and energy to campaign for our friends and champions’ reelection as well as candidates supportive of our issues.  Regardless of the outcome, let it be known that your hard work and dedication does not go unappreciated.

This was a tremendous win for the postal community and our labor brothers and sisters. We still have a lot of work to do, but with the right people in the White House, we’ll be able to strengthen the USPS and protect our members.


Paul Hogrogian

National President

Statement of NPMHU President Paul V. Horgrogian on President-Elect Joseph R. Biden (pdf)


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