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We are entering year three (3) of the 10-year USPS “Delivering for America” plan which was launched on March 23, 2021. The DFA plan has resulted in the redesign of the processing, transportation, and delivery networks. The network redesign has resulted in the establishment of Regional Processing and Distribution Centers (RPDCs), Local Processing Centers (LPCs) and Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DCs). 
The USPS plans to establish sixty (60) RPDCs across the nation. Currently there are sixteen (16) RPDC in varies stages of planning and operations. 
The NPMHU is aggressively pursuing new jobs in delivery operations in the new Sorting & Delivery Centers (S&DCs). These S&DCs combine delivery operations from smaller installations (where no Mail Handlers are employed) into larger delivery operations combined at one larger installation. On November 8, 2023, the NPMHU and USPS signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Sorting and Delivery Centers Staffing. As set forth in the MOU the parties agree to allow management to exceed the MHA and/or PTF cap for a period of 120 days from the activation of an S&DC. During this period, a jurisdictional inventory per the RI-399 process will be completed. At the end of the 120 days, the USPS and NPMHU will discuss the staffing of the S&DC.
The NPMHU will continue to work strenuously to ensure that any dislocation and inconvenience to all Mail Handlers are kept to an absolute minimum in accordance with Article 12 of the National Agreement.
Based on the Memorandum of Understanding on Article 32 Subcontracting, the NPMHU and USPS have re-established the Subcontracting Committee. The Committee was established to discuss the possibility of returning Mail Handler work from Surface Transportation Centers (STC), Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers (MTEC) and the bed-loading project.
There are currently thirteen (13) STC across the country. The NPMHU and USPS have agreed to insource and return STC work to the Mail Handler craft in Kansas City, MO, Springfield, MA, San Bernardino, CA, Indianapolis, IN, Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, UT and Northern, NJ (Pending). 
In addition, the NPMHU and USPS have agreed to return some of the Terminal Handling Services (THS) work which had been subcontracted. THS involves how mail is tendered to and received from FedEX and commercial airlines. We have reached agreement to return the THS functions in Phoenix, AZ, Anchorage, AK, Spokane, WA, Salt Lake City, UT, Richmond, VA, Kansas City, MO, Charlotte, NC, Billings, MT, Sacramento, CA, Cincinnati, OH, and Denver, CO. THS agreements are pending for Chicago, IL, Portland, OR and Boise, ID. 
As STC and THS work is insourced, the returning Mail Handler work will be housed in the RPDCs. 
The 2024 NPMHU Quadrennial National Convention convenes on Monday August 19, 2024 at 9AM at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be a five (5) day Convention with the business session scheduled to conclude on Friday August 23, 2024 at 12PM. The theme for the 2024 National Convention is “Betting On The Future We’re All In”.
There will be a total of three hundred forty-five (345) Delegates attending the 2024 National Convention, representing the thirty-six (36) Local Unions. The Local Unions are currently in the process of electing their Delegates. The deadline for the Locals to complete and notify the National Office of the certified results of their election is March 28, 2024. 
In February, the National Office will issue the call for members in good standing to submit Resolutions and Proposed Constitutional Amendments for the Delegates to consider and either approve or disapprove at the 2024 National Convention. 
The NPMHU National Conventions are the only time when the NPMHU National Constitution and Uniform Local Union Constitution can be amended. The NPMHU Constitutions set forth rules and procedures to conduct administrative union business to govern the National Postal Mail Handlers Union on the National and Local Union level for the next four (4) years. 
Additional information about the 2024 National Convention will be published on the NPMHU website ( and in the quarterly Mail Handler Magazine and Monthly Updates as plans are finalized.
Total membership as of Pay Period 01/2024 is 46,512.
Beginning January 1, 2025, Postal Service Active Employees and Annuitants will receive their medical health benefits through the Postal Service Health Benefits Program (PSHBP), which is a separate subset of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHB), although it will still be administered through Office of Personnel Management (OPM). This change is made in accordance with the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 (PSRA). Open Season for Health Benefits is November 11 through December 9, 2024. Throughout 2024 the NPMHU and USPS will be providing information concerning the implementation of the PSHBP.
There will be vacancies in the Contract Administration Department due to upcoming retirements in the near future. To ensure that there are qualified and available applicants, the NPMHU is asking any interested Union representatives or members to send in a “statement of interest” to the National Office. Applicants must be willing to relocate. Any statement of interest should include a listing of qualifications, a description of experience in contractual matters, positions held within the Union, any special projects, duties or accomplishments, training programs attended, education/degrees and other pertinent information deemed appropriate. This can be in the form of a simple letter or as formal as a resume. All submissions should be sent to:
Teresa Harmon, Manager
NPMHU Contract Administration Department
815 16th St. NW, Suite 5100
Washington, DC 20006


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