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Jul 25

Hegarty Addresses Delegates of the 69th Biennial NALC Convention

(7/24/14) President Hegarty was honored with the privilege of addressing the Delegates at the NALC National Convention. Hegarty spoke about his personal connections to the National Association of Letter Carriers commenting that his family has heritage in the carrier ranks. President Hegarty noted that his father was a letter carrier after his discharge from the Service after WWII, and his brother is an active member of the NALC.

“Although mail handlers and letter carriers perform different duties, and generally don’t work together in most offices,” said Hegarty, “We have always worked together on the important issues.”  President Hegarty highlighted some of these important issues that include our mutual fight to oppose harmful legislation while trying to pass meaningful Postal reform. Hegarty spoke about the importance of continuing six-day delivery and door-to-door delivery while highlighted the NALC’s support of the Mail Handlers. Hegarty said, “The NALC backs us one-hundred percent on our issues such as opposing plants closures and maintaining delivery service standards.”

President Hegarty spoke about the importance of Union solidarity when addressing the recently signed Postal Union Alliance. John said, “The Postal Union Alliance puts it out there for all to see; we are united and we can’t be defeated.” When speaking about the Alliance, Hegarty said, “This isn’t just a piece of paper, or a symbolic gesture. This has solidified the joint spirit of cooperation that we’ve always had, and has us working together towards common goals like never before.”

In closing, Hegarty addressed the need to be diligent and active in the upcoming elections. “We all know that in November of this year, we need to work together to ensure that we elect a more Union-friendly, worker-friendly congress…  We consider the current log-jam in a bitterly partisan congress to be a disaster for Postal employees and all working people,” said Hegarty. President Hegarty recognized President Rolando’s commitment to the issues facing all Postal employees citing numerous Capitol Hill meetings with key Senators and Representatives. Finally, Hegarty called on all Delegates to remain active and when the call goes out, deliver the Union’s message to their Senators and Congressional Representatives.


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