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National President Paul Hogrogian recently made two appointments to the NPMHU’s Committee on the Future: Alex Cervantes, President of Local 320 (Arizona), and Kelly Dickey, President of Local 322 (Pittsburgh, Central & Western PA, and Wheeling, WV) will be joining the Committee. “The National Postal Mail Handlers Union must be prepared to challenge the never-ending threats to our work and the services that we provide. The challenges facing the United States Postal Service and all bargaining unit employees are vast, but not insurmountable. However, the Agency’s reliance on a flawed Function 1 scheduler analysis has, in part, emboldened the USPS to unilaterally exercise its Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA), without consultation with the Union. This potential reduction sets the stage for continued threats of facility closures, consolidations and involuntary reassignments,” said President Hogrogian.

It is imperative that we continue to challenge and oppose the threatened closures, consolidations, involuntary reassignments, subcontracting efforts, harmful legislation, and the degradation of service standards on all fronts now and into the future. Kelly Dickey and Alex Cervantes bring a plethora of experience to the table and we are honored to have them join the Committee. The COTF will next meet in July of 2018. “I am confident that the addition of Kelly and Alex will serve to sustain the expertise and forward-thinking capabilities of the group into 2018 and beyond,” said Hogrogian.

Alex Cervantes began his career with the Postal Service in 1996, where he immediately took an interest in the Local Union. Alex jumped right in by becoming a Union steward in 1996. Accumulating experience along the way, he progressed to Chief Steward, Dispute Resolution Committee Representative, Editor of the Local Union’s newsletter, and shop steward trainer. In 2002, Alex was elected to the position of Vice President. He also served the membership as local Manager of Contract Administration, LMOU negotiations Committee Representative and Arbitration Advocate. In 2014, Brother Cervantes reached the pinnacle with his election as Local 320 President, a position that he has held since.

Brother Cervantes has served the membership as an elected Delegate to LiUNA and NPMHU Conventions, most recently serving as a member of the Credentials Committee in 2016. Alex holds an Associate’s Degree from Cerritos College and has attended training at the George Meaney College for Labor Law. He is a proven leader and will be an asset to the Committee.

Kelly Dickey began her career with the United States Postal Service in 1998 as a mail handler in the Pittsburgh P&DC. She quickly expressed a desire to work for the betterment of others. Seventeen years ago, Kelly became a Union Steward in Local 322. Through training and perseverance, she eventually secured her first officer position – Branch President of the Pittsburgh P&DC. For nearly two decades, Kelly has acquired much experience in a variety of steward and arbitration training sessions. In addition, Sister Dickey has completed FMLA and Leadership training. Kelly is a staunch advocate for workplace safety and represents the Union on the area Postal Safety Committee. Kelly’s experience and knowledge have served the members of Local 322 well. She was recently elected to her second consecutive term as Local 322 President.

Sister Dickey holds a B.S in Natural Science and a B.A. in Education. She is a skilled arbitration advocate and has represented members in hearings on a variety of issues, most prominently including disciplinary matters, CILO cases, cross craft enforcement, and career conversion cases. As a Delegate to the 2016 Convention, Kelly served on the Resolutions Committee and was recently appointed to the NPMHU Women’s Caucus. Please join the NPMHU in congratulating Alex and Kelly on their appointment to the Committee on the Future.


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