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May 17

USPS Releases its Phase 1 List of Mail Processing Facilities Slated for Closure or Consolidation

With Moratorium Expired, USPS Releases List of Closures and Consolidations (Updated May 17, 2012 web post - 7:00 pm Eastern)

(May 17, 2012)  Posted on the USPS website today is a presentation outlining the Postal Service’s new “modified network plan” (click here for a copy of that presentation).  The USPS also has posted a “news release” that is linked here for your convenience.

This afternoon, the Postal Service issued its list of 140 mail processing facilities to be impacted during Phase 1 under its amended closure and consolidation plan.  Today’s public announcement by USPS details the phased-in plan for several dozen closings or consolidations this August, as well as a plan for additional closings or consolidations beginning early in 2013.  An earlier moratorium on closures and consolidations adopted by the Postal Service expired on May 15, 2012, and absent any final Congressional action to intercede in the process, the Postal Service has decided to move forward with its first round of consolidations. The original listing of 252 potentially impacted mail processing facilities (as announced by USPS on February 23, 2012) has now been pared down to a total of 229 facilities:  Phase 1 includes 48 facilities this summer and 92 facilities in 2013.  Phase 2 will include another 89 facilities in 2014.

Click here to view the May 17, 2012 listing of the 140 facilities impacted during Phase 1 of this amended closure and consolidation plan.

Click here to view the May 17, 2012 listing of the 48 Phase 1 facilities (to be impacted during Summer 2012)

USPS provided NPMHU Headquarters with its formal notification of this plan yesterday afternoon.  View the notification letter here.  Mail Handlers and other workers in mail processing facilities were to be notified via employee stand-up talks (beginning late yesterday) of the status of their individual facility.  Attached to this web posting are copies of the various stand-up talks that management was to deliver to employees.

NPMHU officers and representatives have been discussing and preparing for the eventuality of this closure and consolidation plan, and are prepared to enforce all NPMHU contractual provisions relative to the excessing of employees that will take place under this plan.  “We intend to work closely with those Locals affected by the August closings and consolidations” said President John Hegarty, “and, as always, it will be imperative that we enforce the contract to ensure that all Mail Handler rights are protected.”

Talks have resumed between the NPMHU and USPS regarding the terms of a possible early retirement incentive (VERA), and details will be announced if and when those talks reach a successful conclusion.

Please visit the NPMHU website again for the latest information.

View the list of 140 facilties impacted under Phase 1 under this May 17, 2012 Amended Closure and Consolidation Plan

Click here to view the May 17, 2012 listing of the 48 Phase 1 facilities (to be impacted during Summer 2012)

View the USPS May 17, 2012 Overview

View the May 16, 2012 USPS Notification Letter

Stand Up Talk 1 –  Post Offices and Non-Processing Facilities

Stand Up Talk 2 --  Gaining Site and Others With Changes

Stand Up Talk 3 – Phase 1 2012

Stand Up Talk 4  –  Phase 1 2013

Stand Up Talk 5 --  Phase 2 Site


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